How to use The Original PreShave Bar™

Apply this before you shave and save your face

Using this bar before you blade-shave will make shaving more comfortable, your face softer and your blades last longer.

For best results, shave in the shower.


At the start of your shower, use a facial scrub to clean all the gunk off your face and prep the follicles for shaving (you can use our specially designed scrub, but any exfoliating scrub will do – i.e. grains should be small and hard).


Slightly wet the bar and rub it into your beard and leave it on for a bit. You don’t need too much. (After washing your hair would be ideal, so the Pre-Shave bar won’t wash off too much.) 


Before applying shaving cream, rinse off the product (some of it will stay on your skin) and shave as usual with a blade and shaving creme or gel (you can use our Premium Grade Shave Gel, but that’s up to you, I’m not your mom.)

Go out and conquer the world.

Rinse off everything and go about your day.

Ask random people to touch your face and bask in the adoration of your smooth skin.

It’s only weird the first couple of times.

Accept no substitutions:
the other stuff is crap.

The Original PreShave Bar


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