The Original
Pre-Shave Bar

Why I made this

I’ve been struggling with shaving my whole life. No matter what I tried, I would often wind up with nicks, cuts, rashes and other nasty side effects.

If I had to shave two days in a row, I looked like I was attacked in a knife-fight (not great for that unexpected date or job interview).

For a few years, I tried the “scruffy, only shave once every few days” look to deal with it, but after a point that didn’t work on me anymore.

Since the age of 16, I’ve tried just about every kind of shaving do-hickey and product out there but never had much success (even the heavy-beard cremes which seemed to work less well than the normal stuff, go figure). My face would always have rashes and cuts after shaving, regardless of the method.

I spent years on the internet looking for something like this but never could really find anything like it. So, after many years of trial and error (and learning about soap), I’ve come up with this formulation to do what I was looking for.

Hey! This actually works!

I’ve been using it daily for about 7 years now, my girlfriend loves the results! I often get 6 months or more from a single blade (note: your mileage may vary). My beta testers won’t shave without it anymore. I use it 7 days a week and each bar seems to last for about 2 months as you don’t need a lot for each shave.

Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you! – phil

Accept no substitutions:
the other stuff is crap.

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Phil Emery, the creator of The Original PreShaveBar™, apart from trying to make shaving to be less of a pain in the butt, is also the co-host of the Song Talk Radio Podcast, a radio show/podcast that talks about all the fidgety bits about songwriting.

You can find more at PhilEmery.ca if you're into that sort of thing.